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for some reason my 3 year old daughter laughed out loud as soon as I drew his smile, she was behind watching me draw the whole time.

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Ramiro Cienfuegos (by Coby Gerstner)

Today's featured artist is Coby Gerstner (
Coby is an old friend who is now a member of the Chewy Tomato team.
He has major writing and marketing skills, and as you can see.... he can also draw a face!
Coby, BooBoo, Tyler, and Jamie (my little brother, also on the Chewy Tomato team) all have a wacko/unique face drawing skill that you will have to see more of. Such simple little drawings, can pack in a ton of personality!
Another thing about Coby, is his gift for NAMING FACES! ...I like to call this "the Andrew Swift Gift" (Andrew Swift is an old friend of mine who stayed up late with my little brother and I the night before he entered the MTC in provo to leave on his two year mission. That night, after a session of yahoo voice chat freestyle rapping, Swift began to name the faces that showed up on ....Literally EVERY name he chose was perfect to the point of tears shed in laughter).... Anyways, I'm pretty sure coby has this gift, so pay close attention to his naming skills.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Bobbi (by BooBoo Aguilera)

Today's featured artist is BOOBOO! (Daniel Aguilera)
I've been a fan of his rediculous people drawing skills for quite some time now.
Once in a while I'd get a letter from him while I lived in Puerto Rico, illustrated with some of the funniest drawings I've ever seen.
Stay tuned for more from this Chilean Champion.

Monday, June 1, 2009


She's nervous so be considerate

Shlep, Bufford, and Dunkerton (by Marcus Hadlock)

Today's featured artist is Marcus Hadlock from
Be sure to check out his sweet daily doodle compositions and follow his blog!

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